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Looking for a career in the energy industry? You've come to the right place.

The Sacramento Power Academy is the premier utility training school in the western U.S. We're building a first-rate training center to develop future generations of utility workers.

Our first three courses will launch in late 2016 and will be offered exclusively to industry partners. Public courses will be offered in the future.

  • Pole climbing
  • NFPA 70E
  • Live line
  • Personal protective grounding

3-Day Climbing Course

Climbing skills are the foundation of linework, and the Sacramento Power Academy is renown for its comprehensive, hands-on training approach. Fall protection is incorporated into all climbing practice, along with the ancillary skills required to ascend quickly and safely, maneuver and work aloft, and descend expertly.

The core curriculum includes:

  • Preparation and safety;
  • Climbing equipment;
  • Climbing poles and maneuvering aloft;
  • Knots, handline and other rigging basics;
  • Line materials and components;
  • Construction practices, including hanging and equipping arms.


  • Participant must be sponsored by an employer and provide proof of insurance.
  • Participant must sign a release of liability waiver.
  • Participant must be able to lift 50lbs.

NFPA 70E Training

A holistic approach to the theory and application of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70E standard, this training will help organizations and their employees meet electrical safety requirements, including the practical safeguards that promote both safety and productivity.

Students receive training in:

  • Electrical hazards
  • Codes and standards
  • Electrical circuit dynamics
  • Risk assessment
  • Lockout/Tagout
  • Arc flash boundary and labels
  • Electrical energized work permits
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Safe working conditions
  • Real world equipment exercises

3-Day Live Line Course

Live Line skills are crucial to safe, efficient and effective linework. The Sacramento Power Academy delivers a live line course developed by experienced linemen and facilitated by active journeymen who've mastered the latest techniques and equipment.

The core curriculum includes:

  • Rubber glove voltage classifications
  • Care, use and storage of rubber gloves
  • Care, use and storage of Hot Sticks
  • Testing live line tools and covering equipment
  • Minimum approach distance (MAD)
  • Second point of contact
  • Non-test, "One-Shot" of Recloser
  • Live line work from the pole
  • Inspecting and testing insulated aerial lift device/boom
  • Live line work from aerial lift devices
  • Bypass jumpers-use, inspection and care
  • Covering up equipment - Rubber and plastic
  • Live-line tools, including gins and layout arms

3-Day Personal Protective Grounding Course

Personal Protective Grounding (PPG) helps ensure that linework can be completed safely, regardless of unknown circumstances that may exist in the system. The Sacramento Power Academy delivers a Personal Protective Grounding course that includes the very latest techniques and equipment, with trainees applying skills in numerous hands-on field scenarios.

The core curriculum includes:

  • PPG Compliance (OSHA 1910.269)
  • Electrical theory, including the application of Ohm's Law
  • Utilizing master / bracket equipment
  • EPZ bracket
  • Step and touch
  • Clearance and authorization
  • System protection, including fault current
  • Dalziell Electric Shock Overview
  • Use of PPG Equipment
  • Transmission and distribution wire stringing operations

We'll then expand to include other key training, such as:

  • Substation and network electricians
  • Cable splicers and locators
  • Electrical technicians
  • Meter technicians
  • Vehicle and equipment operators
  • Plus more